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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gay Pride Promo NYC 2012 + Competition

From the Sands of Gaywa Jima
Oh, children, Buddy B has been working his fingers to the bone, slaving over a hot mixer and computer to bring you the very best, as you deserve and you know it! I tirelessly strive to bring you the snarkiest and the chicest in blog infotainment, as well. I run myself ragged to entertain you! And now, at last, I may have outdone myself if that's at all possible! Are you happy?

My new promo cd has dropped. You may hear it in the background of tinkling cocktail glasses or while you're shopping in Chelsea or Greenwich Village, and you will know it by my following description. It's all about anthems, anthems, anthems; divas, divas, divas (some of them openly gay males); gay, gay, gay; fabulosity to the max and me, me, me!

Oh, did I already mention that three lucky people can win a totally free copy (free postage too) delivered to any place in the world? Just answer the question at the bottom of this post. This is a rare, not-for-sale, promotional-only cd-r you can upload, so have your way with it!

Since our Grand Marshal in Manhattan will be Cyndi Lauper this year, I start with a little acapella taste of "Shine" segueing into Toni Braxton's big comeback, "I Heart You." That's followed by a tribal mix of Jennifer Lopez' crazy-hot "Dance Again."

That cutie, Marcella Puppini of the Puppini Sisters, brings in some disco swing-time (a new trend, on the heels of Gloria Estefan and Crystal Waters each doing the same). Katherine McPhee's "Touch Me," from tv's Smash is smart and sexy; Adam Lambert's "Better Than I Know Mysef" is served up hot and mixed after his album went Billboard #1 (first out gay artist to do so)!

Madonna gets "Gang Bang"ed Tracy Young style, super-hot Sean Ensign steals away your "Boyfriend" (bitch!) and Matt Zarley sexes us up with "Trust Me."

If you aren't dancing by this point, you're a soulless bitch. No big news, right? But Shawn Christopher will rouse you with Ralphi Rosario's 2012 version of the hiNRG classis, "Menergy."

Cyndi Lauper's "Shine" and the late, great Donna Summer's "Someday," remixed beautifully by Joey Gardner, close the set out.  These tracks have climbed the chart, are currently climbing, or are classic. You're going to love it, I'm warning you!

To win a free copy (only the first 3 people responding can score one), answer the following question and email the answer to asap.

Question: Which of the following songs did Toni Braxton not record? (a) Spanish Guitar, (b) He Wasn't Man Enough, (c) Save the Best for Last, (d) Unbreak My Heart?

 Good luck, everyone; hope you enjoy!

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