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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello, Carol!

Ms Carol Channing, legend of stage, screen & television, deserves a Kennedy Center Awards Honor, don't you think? Richard Skipper certainly does and he has been promoting and supporting her, getting enough people to enough people to jump on this bandwagon via social media. Come on, people, the woman is a living American superstar who, at this point of her life, has so earned the award!

Let's hope the Kennedy Center Awards Committee are receptive. Carol is a 92-year-old made-in-the-USA entertainment icon who deserves to be honored NOW.

Please check out a NEW PSA for Carol Channing to receive a 2013 Kennedy Center Honor

Also, please go to: to suggest Carol Channing be a recipient of the 2013 Kennedy Center Honor Award.

Incidentally, a fantastic 2011 documentary is available on dvd about Carol. I blogged about it after originally seeing it at the TriBeCa Film Festival:

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