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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nancy Reagan!

Politics aside, it is Nancy Reagan's 92nd birthday!

Born Ann Frances Robbins in New York City, she grew up in Mayland, then went out to Hollywood, dubbed "Nancy Davis," and ended up in B films like Donovan's Brain and Hell Cats of the Navy. It was in the latter film that she met Ronald Reagan and stole him away from wife Jane Wyman. I suspect Ms Reagan had off-screen talents that advanced her career, and Kitty Kelley's bio seems to support that.

She became First Lady of California when her husband became Governor, then First Lady of the USA when he became President. She is noted for bringing Hollywood glamor to the White House and vying with the USSR's Raiza Gorbachev, a'la Dynasty, via '80s fashion. She was, however, criticized for her reliance on astrology and trying to influence policy through it.

Nancy had a strong influence on her husband and played a role in a few of his personnel and diplomatic decisions, which brought on the nickname "Nancita ," adapted from Evita (comparing her to Evita Peron).

She was a dedicated wife during her husband's Alzheimer's illness, by all accounts, until Ronald Reagan's death in 2004.

Happy Birthday, Nancy Reagan!

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