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Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Lady of Perpetual Gaga & More

Seeing Jennifer Hudson newly thin but still hippy-hippy-shake (in a good way for a girl) on the couch next to the studly k.d. lang on Graham Norton's tv show gave me goosebumps. These two big girls could be the new Sapphic power couple if only they swung the same way. And Miss J Hud proved herself quite guileless, lovely and charming. She even sang "Where Are You?"... er, I mean "Where You At?", natch. (A favorite, I hear, on my "Fagtastic" promo.) k.d. didn't sing shit, even though she's got a brand new album to promote. I love "Sing It Loud" (how else would our big-boned gal sing it, really?), especially the cover of Talking Heads' "Heaven," which deserves to be remixed. (Is somebody gonna do it or do I have to do it myself under my remixer pseudonymn (of my pseudonymn), Percy Galore?)

Lady Gaga's sophomore l.p., "Born This Way", has finally landed and it's nothing short of brilliant! Anthemic and crammed with homages to pop faves (not only Madonna and Cyndi but Debbie Harry, Bruce Springsteen, Freddie Mercury, et al.). I rather feel like the father of li'l Gaga, in a sense, I admit. Wasn't it I who, in the '90s, staunchly included the European 4-to-the-floor, hiNRG beat and classic disco in my sets, even to derision, ridicule and rejection? By the time my promos became highly sought-after and quite popular items on the New York City underground scene, things had changed. Just then, Gaga arrived, reiventing these elements and introducing them freshly to an American mainstream. There is hope, America! (I say as Sarah Palin's latest incarnation this week is as a dyke-on-a bike, all the while dissing gays! Tsk, tsk, Grizzly Palin!) By the way, my personal fave off Gax2's album is "Hair", in which she has some deep thoughts on the subject. Most likely to be heard at Pride, of course, is the title track ("Don't be a drag, just be a queen....").


  1. Someone needs to get you a paid column, DJ Buddy! Hilarious observations! I've not always been a fan of the derivative Gaga, but from what I've heard this is her best album. I think SP should go for the dyke vote. She must know many up in Alaska

  2. dj bb, you're a rioit! i was pissing, really! i also luv lady gg's newest. go, girl!