Thursday, January 19, 2012

Arpad Miklos, Hot in the "Hood" by Perfume Genius

There's a whole new trend of male porn stars doing music videos. Some do their own singing. Some, like Colton Ford (who began as a singer) do well. Some, like Zeb Atlas, should stick to s&m (that's standing & modeling, children)! Now, there are some men who bring a natural class to gay porn and know when not to try singing. And Arpad Miklos is one of them.

With a sexy gentleman's air, the hung Hungarian lives in New York and works as an escort. (In case anyone wants to know what to buy me for my upcoming birthday, this dude could escort me anywhere!)

I actually got a kiss (on the lips!) from this handsome, hairy, Eastern-European beast one night, not too long ago, when he was dancing on a bar in his jock strap. Of course, I'd put a $5 bill in it. But I distinctly remember having pleasant dreams that night!

Well, now, Arpad is co-starring in a video for the song, "Hood," by Perfume Genius. That's the stage name for solo artist Mike Hadrea from Seattle. "Hood"'s melody is decidedly retro-girl group but sung by a gay man; kind of sensitive; kind of '60s-Carole King-ish. I like it. And the sweetly minimalist, Felliniesque video is a beauty.

Arpad could do my hair and make-up anytime!


  1. I hope this guy identifies as gay and isn't one of these porn stars who insists he's straight even as he's jamming a dick in his mouth!

  2. No he's not. He's got a partner (I think his name's James) and he was in a meeting for gay marriage in NY.

  3. Oh God! In do not know any names of any porn stars, but I have seen shows where they come out and say they are straight and then I look them out and they come out sucking a huge dick and getting fuck hard.
    I like the first photo of that guy, such a hot bear! Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Damn yo quiero uno de esos!

  4. Victor, Arpad was openly gay (refreshingly) & a male escort.

  5. RIP, dear Arpad.....