Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meltdown NYC

It's hotter than that infamous underworld inferno today! And I do not mean the subway platform.

Yesterday, New York City hit 100 degrees and, today, a high of 94. Need I mention, I've been keeping myself inside with the a/c and fans on? Rain's coming, but only cooling things off minimally. Summer is here and a heat wave is on. Gee, better launder my short pants at long last!

Today, my shower was a cool one. I usually prefer to shower  with the water as hot as I can physically tolerate, but not today. I gave myself a break, so needing to chill a little by any means possible.

It's comfortable inside the apartment, however, even though it's still, with no outdoor breezes to ventilate the rooms. No cooking tonight, as I plan to order Chinese food. Went no further out of doors than the deli on the ground floor of my building... for cold beer.

Growing up in a pre-commonly air-conditioned America, our escape from summer dog days then meant fans on throughout the house, sitting on the stoop (the front porch), sometimes with lemon ices and socializing with neighbors. And, of course, going to the movies, where theaters were "Comfortably Air Conditioned," as proclaimed the marquee banners to entice those sweltering on city streets.

So, yeah, it's hot -- and don't you forget it, as sang Pamala Stanley in her 1979 disco smash. Keep your cool, y'all.

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