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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Donna Summer V. Bruce Springsteen

A Donna track (written by The Boss) mixed w/ Bruce's own version, for this very cool underground dance mix and originally unreleased duet. (It's all going on underground these days -- the Disco Revolution, darlings!)


  1. Was this not on Donna's 1982 album - 'Donna Summer"?. Or perhaps that was a different version.

  2. Jayne, thanks both for writing and allowing me to clarify. The Bruce-penned song was indeed on the Geffen label's 1982 album produced by Quincy Jones. Bruce and Donna recorded a duet vocal version at her sessions but it was considered "unworkable" by Jones. On the released version, Springsteen plays the guitar solo and is heard on fadeout vocals only. Bruce's version was on his "One Step Up/Two Steps Back" album, and what's here is a brilliant bootleg mash-up, essentially.

  3. ps: I've amended my original remarks on the post so as not to be misleading.