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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You and I

Lady Gaga may, at times, seem like a mess but she's a fabulous mess as is the music video for "You & I." Gaga's mermaid persona is on view (sans wheelchair, so that ought to keep Bette happy). The butch Jo character on the piano seems straight (only in a manner of speaking) out of John Waters' "Desperate Living." In fact, the whole extravaganza feels like John Waters-meets-Federico Fellini at their most excessive, all very strikingly filmed, however. The song is a catchy, well-composed pop ballad that Gaga sings beautifully, showcasing her powerful voice. And thankfully, in this day and age, the song is not titled "U & I," which is as quaint as the Nebraska backdrop of this visual extravaganza.

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