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Thursday, September 22, 2011

On-line Inspiration and Billboard's Best

Back in New York, I am hoping to find inspiration on Twitter as a Follower of none other than the Dalai Lama. Some of his tweets, however, I am finding a bit arcane. For instance: "Cultivating love advances the wish that living beings deprived of happiness meet with happiness and its causes." I'm sure that's deep but what the fuck, your Holiness! Sigh! And, so, I move on and look for inspiration elsewhere.

On to Facebook, where my friend, Kevin Scott Hall -- cabaret critic for Edge New York, writer and committee member for the Bistro Awards, author of the novel, Off the Charts and all-around fun guy -- reveals that he was in Don't Tell Mama cabaret last week and "it happened to be the first night on the job for Sanjaya Malakar. That's right, the Season 6 semifinalist will now be working at Mama's! He was very sweet and I told him working the piano bars might be more challenging than anything he endured on Idol. In fact, during his first song, there were already people talking and not paying attention. Welcome to real showbiz, Sanjaya!" Sounds like a fallen Idol slumming but, honestly, there could be a method to his madness (as I believe there was to his American Idol performances). Don't be surprised if Sanjaya ends up with an offer or two (of a legitimate kind, I meant, of course); even a part on Broadway as a result of this singing-waiter gig. I feel like I better catch him soon while he's stooping to conquer New York City.

On the US Billboard dance music chart, Yoko Ono made it to #1 two weeks ago by "Talking to the Universe" and the universe answered her prayers; the dance-club universe that is. This week, however, Yoko fades to the 13th spot while Leona Lewis Collides into #1. Gloria Estefan is yelling "Wepa" as that number effervesces its way to the #4 position. The striking "In the Dark" by Dev takes over #6, skyrocketing from 17th place last week while Rihanna drops from last week's supremo nitch to #8 in her California King Bed.

Beyonce crawls up a notch, from #12 to #11, with the Best Thing (she) Never Had, as Gaga catapults from #31 to #18, in just two weeks on the dance chart, with "You and I," her latest monster hit. JLo's kind of lame "Papi" (a title like that deserves a song with more oomph!), meanwhile, hits #19 from #28 in its own, bold upward mobility.

Our girl Taylor Dayne also leapfrogs from #33 and into the top 25, landing at #23 with the very discolicious "Floor on Fire." Don't know why they applied autotuning to her voice but it works in the end, with Ms Dayne toning down her big vox just a smidge. Good stuff! Remember, I was championing this song back in June, and here it is on Billboard's chart going into the fall. Will be interesting to watch as it makes its very disco way up the American chart in the weeks ahead. Dust off those platform shoes!

Reminder: Tomorrow, I will announce the four lucky winners for the September blog competition who will each receive a free, promo copy of my "Desire at the Disco vol. 7" continuous mix. It includes my remix of Benedictine Monks vs. Lady Gaga, "Marry the Night." Till tomorrow, then, find inspiration where you can!

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