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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Promo CD-R Competition

Win my latest, exclusive dj-promo-only cd-r in time for Halloween! You can play it on your cd player, computer or download it to your iPod. Dj Buddy Beaverhausen's "Trick or Treat" is an eclectic and upbeat collection of Halloween-appropriate tunes perfect for any All-Hallow's party! This item is not for sale, used exclusively as a dj/club promo, but you can win one here with free shipping anywhere on this planet.

After reading the question below, go to to e-mail the answer. The first four (4) correct answers I receive will be sent the giveaway cds. You must include your first name and a mailing or post box address in your e-mail to receive the prize. All e-mail info, except your first name & country, will be kept confidential and not announced, used solely to mail your cd. One cd per e-mail.

The game begins as of NOW & all e-mails must be received by Monday, October 17 (so that you may play this on time for your hoppin' Halloween) by 5 pm Eastern Standard Time to be considered.

QUESTION: One actress played Joan Crawford's daughter twice and co-starred with her three times. Who is she?

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