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Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Meets My Halloween Countdown

In honor of the grass roots Occupy Wall Street movement, I offer up Miss Grace Jones once again, this time singing about cannibalism. The song, "Corporate Cannibal" is the lead single from Grace Jones' 10th studio album, Hurricane, originally released in 2008. Cannibalism is a metaphor for capitalism run amok; for corporate greed. "Pleased to meet you. Pleased to have you on my plate," Grace growls as this techno track opens. "Ill consume my consumers...."

Grace wrote the song, saying she was obsessed with the subject of corporate cannibalism. She's a man-eating machine here, or so she sings in the song's chorus. You can take a bite out of it, chew on it, devour it wantonly, or just dance to it as we enter the final week for My Halloween Countdown.

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