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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Psycho Killer on My Halloween Countdown

"Psycho Killer" is a song by American new wave band Talking Heads from their 1977 album, written by David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. The band's signature debut hit features lyrics which seem to represent the thoughts of a serial killer. Allmusic calls it a "deceptively funky New Wave/No Wave song ... [with] an insistent rhythm, and one of the most memorable, driving bass lines in rock & roll."

It is the only song from the album to appear on the Billboard Pop Singles chart but only reached #92, while it went to #11 on the Dutch singles chart in 1977.

The song's bridge is in French as is the prominent chorus line "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" ("What is this?"). The bridge lyrics are:

Ce que j'ai fait ce soir-là
Ce qu'elle a dit ce soir-là
Réalisant mon espoir
Je me lance vers la gloire... OK

What I did, that evening
What she said, that evening
Fulfilling my hope
Headlong I go for glory... OK

Over the ensuing years, "Psycho Killer" has become one of the best-known Talking Heads songs and a cult hit perfect for any Halloween gathering. This dance remix by Dj Ariel maintains the integrity of the original mix but sans the French bridge.

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