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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soul Dracula! My Halloween Countdown Continues

Hot blood on the dancefloor. Isn't it lovely as long as you don't slip on it with your platform shoes? We're talking "Soul Dracula," a Halloweentime ditty that fared very well, mostly outside the United States. It topped the charts in Japan in 1976, the year of its release. Oh yes, this is classic disco all right! Hear those back-up girls who virtually carry this song. Wonderful professional screamer aboard to enhance the proceedings. And that suave count with the Eastern European accent, laughing and giving good monolog, perhaps seducing you with it. Be honest with yourself.

Mad? I think it's mad! Hot Blood was a session group produced in Germany. Welcome to the quintessential disco sound of the mid-70s... with a Transylvanian twist.

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