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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

charo ~ mamacita, donde esta santa claus 1978 disco version salsoul

It isn't Christmas season, as far as I'm concerned, until Charo sings "Mamacita,Donde esta Santa Claus?" It rings the holidays in in a majorly disco way. Sure, it was made in 1978 & swept through the holiday dance floors back then, but I consider it a perennial classic. Makes me wanna bust a move for Santa, know what I mean? So listen, groove on it & get up and dance. Production by the classic Salsoul Orchestra!

Charo is and always was a cutie. Love her perhaps exaggerated Spanish accent. Did you know she studied under Segovia (ahem, cuchi-cuchi!) and is considered a musical genius on the guitar?

Happy holidays!

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