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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dance to Dominique by The Singing Nun

The holidays are near, so it's time for a little camp religiosity. And what could make our hearts sing out more than the 1964 smash radio hit, "Dominique," by The Singing Nun (Belgium's sister Jeanine Deckers)? Now, Jeanine had a lot of issues with the Catholic church. Plus, she was a lesbian. Sadly, in 1985, she and her long-time companion committed suicide with an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol. She was 51.

Here's the hot dance version of her song as it was remixed in the '90s:

And Debbie Reynolds' cover (in English, of course) from the totally artificial, Hollywood movie version of The Singing Nun, though Debbie's voice is a pleasure to listen to:

Happy holidays, sisters!


  1. Barbiturates and alcohol?
    She could have been the Flying Nun!