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Monday, November 28, 2011

Fagtastic Too Outta Bay Ridge, NYC

If John Waters thinks Baltimore is offbeat, he should visit Bay Ridge. And let me tell one and all, I'm thrilled to be living here in an apartment five or six times my Village digs in Manhattan. Windows, windows, windows; closets, closets, closets! I'm still stunned by the grandeur of it. An entire "dressing room?" You bet. (And you know I'm feeling all Crawfordy over it!)

But what would Mr Waters (who is doing a Christmas act at BB King NYC on Dec. 19 & 20) think about this area's being the home of the 99cent stores as well as home to the illegal u-turn and 3-point turn, which occur, indiscriminately, every minute it seems? Not to mention the huge, white turkeys stalking about in the florist window display directly across the street from me!

I went over to watch the nonchalant birds Sunday morning as a Brooklynite guidette mama (perfectly made up, coiffed and dressed in a belt-hugging minidress, for churchgoing) of two young ones purred a'la Fran Drescher on The Nanny, "Oooooh, my God, kids! Look! Turrrrkeees! Reeeel turrrkeys! Can ya fuckin' believe it!" (Why am I certain she received holy communion shortly thereafter?) She took a pic with her cell. How could I not fall in love with this burg?

This weekend was very productive. Kitchen bulletin board's up, as is rubber-ducky shower curtain & bath mat. Mainly, I hooked my audio system up and created my first promo cd since September.

April's Fagtastic promo still remains a popularly requested cd-r; so here comes Fagtastic Too in the same spirit. First up is the Betty White version of "I'm Still Hot" by Luciana, which hit #1 on Billboard's dance chart.

I followed that with a club mix of Adele's "Someone Like You," followed by a promo I have of Madonna's new number, "Give Me All Your Love" (Saint Ken mix), bound to reach your dancefloor and radio in December.

Then, another advance preview of Deborah Cox's latest outing,"If It Wasn't for Love."

Kathy Sledge, of Sister Sledge ("We Are Family") follows with her Billboard dance charter, "Give Yourself Up," preceding the unreleased Almighty 2010 remix of Cher's "Believe."

Other highlights include Erasure's "Be with You," already a dance smash in Europe; Selena Gomez's catchy "Love You Like a Love Song," and the divine, hi-nrg "Love SOS" by the stalwart Pepper Mashay.

Bay Ridge inspires me; more space assists my work; I expect the neighb influence will only make me more edgy and adventurous (though upbeat) on future cd-r promos.

I'll hate to see those turkeys go. Maybe they'll bring in elves for the next display. We'll see.

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