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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bette at the Continental Baths

Here's a Christmas gift I think many of my blog watchers will enjoy. (Do I know you guys or what?) It's a super rarity off Youtube, and thanks & Christmas blessings to Berlin Dirk who uploaded this. Now, this is a very crude video, I warn you, probably captured on super-8 at The Continental Baths, but it's like the rarest of time capsules. The Divine Miss M was just starting out, as was her accompanist in this transfer to video, Mr Barry Manilow. I personally love her personal, off-the-cuff patter; this was prior to her having scripting (though by brilliant people like Bruce Vilanch). (Bette and Bruce and I were all born in Paterson, NJ!) So, enjoy this journey back in time and Happy Holidays to all!

Imbedding disabled; merely click on "watch on Youtube." The poster understandably wants the hits for this.

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