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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Showgirl Must Go on for the Holidays!

I love Bette Midler and I think her appearance in this current ad for Acura, that's on now in the States, is fabulous. She's game, she has a sense of humor about her persona. In this scenario, she's pushy, a little rude, kinda overpowering in a petite Big Noise from Winnetka way (gee, I can relate). Her Vegas showgirl costume (recently auctioned) is basically recreated here in holiday style. What's not to like? Yet, I hear detractors. Acquaintances mutter, "She needs a new agent," "Is this what she's been reduced to?"

I see it as a brilliant career move! She's hilarious, gets to sing a little, parodies herself, is seen by multi-millions on tv, and (I'm certain) collects a big pay check for not so much work! The 30-seconds of continued fame is found below.

Your opinion matters. Please comment.

(ps: love her candid-looking reaction to the confetti explosion.)

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