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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sparkle, Mr President, Sparkle!

This was my absolutely favorite moment of last week's Betty White 90th Birthday NBC special. The joke is terrific but Obama bopping his head to "The Golden Girls" theme song is even funnier. Stop, Barack, you're killing me! You've got my vote, you've got my vote! Ah, you're a riot!

But now that you came to New York and sang a little Al Green at The Apollo, well, that's when I said, "I love this guy!" Because we deserve a President who cannot only inspire but occasionally amuse us.


  1. Yes, he can sing and he is funny . . . but remember what Margaret Thatcher said (channeled by Meryl): Think, don't go by feeling!
    That being said, he still beats those Republican clowns hands-down.