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Monday, January 2, 2012

Occupy Disco with Martha & The Vandellas

Civil disobedience. Is that what Martha & the Vandellas intended with their Motown hit, "Dancing in the Streets?" The song came from a time of political turmoil including the civil rights movement, after all. It doesn't matter what we wear, just as long as we are there, Martha informs (though I beg to differ; it always matters what you wear when you protest, especially if you hope to hook up). "Swingin', swayin' 'cross the nation" and "callin' out around the world!" So get the party started in the streets for 2012 & have a disobedient, fun and evolutionary year ahead, everybody! Just enjoy the lyrics and music that sound as relevant today as they did back in '64. It's about love and equality; now dance that mess around!

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