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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lady Gaga: Dress Her up with Your Love

From London's Carlton Books comes Lady Gaga: Dress Her Up! a paper doll book. Well, babies, you know when I set eyes on this at Rainbows & Triangles in Chelsea (8th Ave between 19th & 20th Streets), I had to have it. (No, I don't get a discount there, and I don't get shit for free there, dahlings, either, though I do love the shop!)

Ooh, la, la, Gaga!, reads the copy on, where it can also be purchased. She's sold millions of albums, turned heads with her crazy outfits, and continues to scandalize the world. Now the Lady Gaga: Dress Her Up! paper-doll book gives you your own Gaga to adorn in a range of wild, surreal outfits, from her black lace bodysuit to her controversial Meat dress.

Sound special? T'is! The book will be on my coffee table for a bit because I'd never punch out the dolls and clothes to play with them. Really. Really, I seriously mean it.

This humorous and entertaining book will keep you engaged for hours, promises the copy on the back cover. [T]he ultimate princess of pop and eccentric fashionista is in your very own hands.... Make her play at her burnt piano and pyramid guitar.... Accessorize with hair styles, sunglasses, shoes, headpieces and her disco stick.

Choose from 20 costumes, plus added accessories and hairstyles such as the Telephone hat and Bow hair. And there are illustrations of her spectaular stage sets, so you can place Gaga in “Orbit” and carry her in the “Egg!”

Ooo! Doesn't that sound hot!

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