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Friday, March 23, 2012

Madonna Does Billboard

With her new album, MDNA, being released this Tuesday, the pop superstar strategically strikes the Billboard Top 25 Dance Chart. "Give Me All Your Luvin'" goes to #1 while "Girl Gone Wild," debuting in the Top 50 at 46 just last week, now jumps to 20th place.

Madonna has gone wild, as you see, and, like June, she's bustin' out all over! Again, let me restate that she is the Joan Crawford of Disco, reinventing herself to keep her career happening over decades. No spring chicken, Madge scored a coup with her marvelous Super Bowl half-time concert, introducing "Luvin'," looking good and reminding us she can lip-synch to herself competently for the most part, and bust a move at least as well as legendary hoofer Ruby Keeler, which is to say hoofin' like a heifer.

Many good remixes; my two faves being unofficial. St Ken gives the song the full-out disco ambience it begs for, even mixing in just a little Gloria Estefan "Hotel Nacional" for good measure. (Club crowds adore this one.) Steve Trekker brings some retro House stylings to the (turn)table, meanwhile.

Dave Aude clearly has the advantage, aesthetically, of mixing "Girl Gone Wild" for the floor. And while I like where Offer Nissim's club mix sonically takes our Material Girl, it shorts her in terms of lyrics; a bit closer to dubby.

Unofficial dance mixes have surfaced underground (a paradox, I know) of "Masterpiece," theme song for the Madonna-directed motion picture flop, W.E. My fave is the essentially white label "Harry Popper" remix. (This song is not part of the MDNA album. It's actually a quite catchy tune, though.)

More per Billboard: Beyonce may yet put her Love on Top as her song of that name is now at #5 and moving upward, ever upward. Yoko Ono's "She Gets Down on Her Knees" gets up to lucky #7 this week. Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" is down at 17.

Finally, some new arrivals in the Top 25: Jason Dottley returns in good form with "Pop It" (#22) and Amanda Wilson arrives at 24th place with "Don't Throw It Away." Good luck in ascending, guys!

Until next time, keep dancing, keep loving, keep the peace. And for this week, at least, it's all about Madonna! Let's hope to be as perennial.

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  1. "hoofin' like a heifer..." Ur so bad! ;)