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Sunday, April 22, 2012

If She Could Turn Back Keys

"Cher has come under fire from officials in Adelaide, Australia after her key to the city turned up on," WonderWall tells us. "The pop superstar was presented with the freedom of Adelaide back in 1990 after she performed at the Formula One Grand Prix there. However, the key and its memorial plaque have now been listed on Internet auction site and Adelaide Mayor Stephen Yarwood is furious about the impending sale.

"He says, '[I am[ exceptionally disappointed ... I just think that it is more a reflection on her than the city of Adelaide. It must be very embarrassing for her if she is selling it because she needs the money.'

"The city's former mayor, Steve Condous, who presented Cher with the honor, adds, 'I think that's pretty poor. I'm disappointed. I would have thought that getting the key to a city like Adelaide would have had some value to her, but obviously it doesn't because she wouldn't have got rid of it [sic]. I've been given a couple of keys to cities and I felt pretty privileged to be given those. If she didn't want to keep it she should have returned it back to the city.'

"On Sunday, the item had reached a price of more than $80,000 with 137 bids. The auction ends on Thursday." put it a bit more harshly:

"AGEING diva Cher is selling her key to the city of Adelaide on eBay, infuriating the lord mayor who presented it to her.

"Steve Condous yesterday voiced his disgust that the honour, which he presented to the singer and actress at the 1990 Adelaide Grand Prix, was up for sale.

"'I think that's pretty poor,' he told The Advertiser."

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  1. Interesting that they gave "Dancing with the Stars" an award. This is the same program that a couple of years ago wouldn't let that gay singer -- formerly of N'Sync I believe -- dance with a guy but forced on him a silly girl fan to team with. But of course, "Chaz" isn't gay, is he? From lesbian to straight guy with a flick of a switch [still "queer," of course]! The program put on Chaz for his publicity value -- I'll applaud the show when they have TWO GUYS dancing together! I sometimes think GLAAD is more Media/publicity conscious than anything else.