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Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Most Fabulous Men

Now that GCB's on tv, there are new hunks to fantasize about. Namely Blake Reilly, played by Broadway's Mark Deklin. He's the hubby to Cricket, played by the wonderful Miriam Shor ("Hedwig & the Angry Inch"). God, he is drop-dead gorgeous! Gay husband on show; reputedly straight husband in real life.
I have been drooling, since JAG, with a billion others, I'm sure, over David James Elliott. On GCB, he plays Ripp Cockburn (porn star name, right?), husband to Carlene (Kristin Chenowith). When Carlene crawled out from between Ripp's big feet at the the bottom of the bed (unsatisfied), I still felt envy and fantasized I'd do a better job.
Now, if I could only have pieces of the Rocks. Two Rocks, that is. Hudson, for one. Handsome much? Even as a kid, I had a boner for this star. And I was too dumb to realize, at the time, that he and I were gay (or what a boner meant)! Would it make any difference in the long run? But I bitterly envied Doris Day. That much I knew. She was always such a bitch.
The other Rock is Dwayne Johnson. "The Rock" was his wrestling name, but he's moved on. Nicely. He's a movie star now but I bet he rocks beneath the sheets.
Imagine looking up at this in the morning. Imagine looking up at any of the above first thing in the morning! Better than a fresh cup of Joe.
Great cheek bones!

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