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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer & Her Sisters

Divas are doing it for themselves?  Donna seemed to be kind toward her sister divas. See her in the photo, to the right, with Cher, who Tweeted today, of her Studio 54 days: SO SAD re Donna!1 of the GREAT Voices of our time! I remember "Last Dance"Ended my nites at Studio 54! By that Song I was Drenched ! Hair 2!

And Ms Summer did a tribute to Miss Ross on VH1 Divas' Tribute to Diana Ross. Of course, she snuck in "Love Is the Healer," her own number that she was promoting at the time. (Nothing to do with Diana.) The divas got to hug, though, in the finale. Have a look.

The show is not available on DVD, apparently, because diva Donna didn't like the way she came off and wouldn't sign the licensing agreement. No comment from Diana on that.

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