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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Heart of Glass," Blondie Live on The Midnight Special

1979: Like it or lick it! [Debbie Harry]
1979, and Blondie goes disco with "Heart of Glass" from their Parallel Lines album.  Some felt the band had sold out; some felt they broke new ground, a punk/disco fusion. Nonetheless, the song went to #1 on the Top 100, while peaking at #7 on the Dance Chart, perhaps because it wasn't discofied enough!

1979. Blondie. So young, so beautiful. Look at Debbie Harry and how lovely she is. And how stoned she looks! Oh my God, and those clothes! Did she borrow them from Agnetha, of ABBA; the shoes, perhaps, from Daisy Duck? One piece, low-cut kulats with matching headband. Not to mention klutziest dance moves ever! You can't be straight (in the non-sexual sense of the word) and pull this together!

Hey, it was 1979!  Still, I luv huh (Debbie); love them (the band), and the song is part of both rock -- and dance music -- history.

I give you "Heart of Glass" as performed on tv's old Midnight Special, the poor man's (and stoner's -- not that I should know!) Bandstand.

Hey, I told you it was 1979!

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