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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mariah Scary

Said Joan Rivers, with candor, on Facebook: "Did you see Mariah Carey performing in that skin-tight jumpsuit? My God, that wasn't just a camel toe, it was the whole damn hoof!"

Wow! Has any star been as un-self-conscious, and just plain tacky, as Mariah Carey when it comes to her outfits? J-Lo is a nun by comparison to Miss Mimi Mess-in-a-Dress!

She lost weight, and --sure! -- she wants to show it off. But this is over the top! Or is it under the bottom, in this case? As Charo would say, "cuchi-cuchi!"

"Firstly, we just want to say that Mariah Carey looks great … from the crotch up," wrote CelebrityFix. "Good for you Mimi," they added, "but did your dressing room have a full length mirror? 

"The superstar diva took to the stage at a concert in Austria yesterday sporting an unmissable front wedgie — courtesy of an oddly-placed seam down the front of her skin-tight pants."

And did Ms Carey seem to be pouting even as she was all smiles on stage? Wouldn't underwear take care of this problem? And should she stop squeezing into a size too small to try to impress us?

Already the recipient of a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress (for her starring role in the infamous Glitter), Mariah was a mainstay on the late Mr Blackwell's Worst Dressed Women list as well. She publicly expressed thanks for being mentioned and obviously aspires to live up to the distinction. Blackwell called her, "Mariah, the fashion pariah," and pointed out that "Mariah simply wears her clothes too tight (drat trying to cram into that double zero!) and pretty much always has. And she overdoes everything. So even when Mariah comes close to getting it right stylewise, she loses points for ill-fitting garments and frumpy 'dos." Nothing has changed. (P.s.: My favorite Blackwell crack was about Wynonna Judd, when he said, "She looks like Hulk Hogan in sequins!")

Mariah Carey can top, too!
Mariah, how do you out-do this latest fiasco? (I'm afraid to find out. Very afraid.)

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