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Monday, May 28, 2012

This Week's International Salute to My Readers

Big Memorial Day salute to Dj Buddy B's viewers today! Thanks for the smashing American turnout, people; one of the best this week. Feeling like the Buddy Beaver Bugle Boy of my Christina/Andrew Sisters remix! (Check it out if you haven't already!)

The day also saw great turnouts from Spain and Germany; then from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Venezuela & United Arab Emirates. Dance music is a great uniter. Peace, keep it together the worldwide!

The week also saw, typically, big hits from the UK, France, Germany & Russia. Let's dance -- & live -- in unity. It's all about the music. It unites & never divides. It's Memorial Day here in the US, but I salute you, the people the world round, who make this world a great place to be in, where we can dance for unity & for peace!

Vocals for the below, lip-synched by a model, are by the great Martha Wash:

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