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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ethel Merman Comes Up Roses Disco-Style

Stahtin' here, ... stahtin' now!

It's Friday night and thank God the work week is over! Put on your dancing shoes (the platforms!) cuz Ethel Merman is going to get fierce. It's "Everything's Coming Up Roses" from her 1979 disco album. Some claim it's that record that single-handedly killed disco. I say, "pshaw!" Basically, Merman belted out her greatest hits in her usual manner while a disco arrangement was built around them. If Ms Merman can't go to the disco, let the disco come to Ms Merman, it is told.

The Supreme Court ruling on healthcare, the President officially recognizing June as Gay Pride Month, his support for gay marriage in the USA, and -- as I said -- it's the weekend! These are things to celebrate tonight, so twirl to Ethel in a fabulous caftan! Be like Ethel, live like Ethel, drink like Ethel, even tawk like Ethel! Cuz, honeys, everything's comin' up roses... for me and for yoooooou!

And Stephen Sondheim agrees.

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