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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's Subway Poem, 6/19/12

I only discovered, shortly after writing this & per The New York Times, that the hydrangea is the official flower of Bay Ridge. Who knew?

 Subway Poem #6

fecund lawns of summer
meet me.
stairway ascendant to street,
down the pavement,
i move
past hydrangeas
exploded on circular bushes
petals purple and pink
on well-tended lawns
smelling of wet grass, of soil.
from the tunnel, away from the salt
of the earth,
a long journey 
to the fertile margins


  1. and hydrangeas are one of my favorites. Merv & I just planted 6 new plants. Beautiful poems, both 5&6.

  2. Come to Bay Ridge this summer (stay over)!