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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Truth or Dare, or Fame?

They're dueling divas like we may not have seen since Bette vs. Joan, but even more so because, today, you can't just rest on your laurels as a diva; you have to be an entire industry!

Earlier this year, Madonna released her new fragrance, Truth or Dare. Friends have described it as smelling a bit like soiled panties, unshaved armpits and fetid worn slippers. That's the truth (to face and deal with), do you dare?

Now, Lady Gaga is ready to launch her smell. It's called Fame.

New York magazine says:

The actual scent itself, which Gaga has described as smelling like everything from "blood and semen" to an "expensive hooker," sounds very complicated.... Translation: It looks black in the bottle but won't stain your clothes, and it smells like honey, saffron, apricots, orchid, and jasmine, which sounds nice.

Ok, little monsters, let's pray for Fame.