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Sunday, July 15, 2012

And the Winner of My Poll for America's Most Embarrassing Politician Is....

Mittzi Romney may have gotten booed at his NAACP performance, but he gets nothing but cheers on Leave It to Beaverhausen for being the winner of my last poll, which is now closed and tallied up.

The question was WHO IS OUR MOST EMBARRASSING POLITICIAN/PUNDIT ON THE WORLD STAGE? and clearly Mittzi was the winner, winner, winner for being the Biggest Loser. Congratulations, Mittzi, and thanks to the nine people who voted. Obviously, a lot of readers could give a rat's ass; just like elections in America.

The breakdown was thus: Mittzi with 3 votes; the Dimmer Twins, Sarah Palin and Michelle ("Chootzpaw") Bachmann with 2 each; the currently irrelevant Rick ("Closet Case") Santorum and Rush Limbaugh each had 1 pathetic vote. Even sadder was that there were no votes for John Boehner (Buh-bye, Boner!) or Rand Paul simply because, really, who could give a shit.

A whole new poll will go up shortly. And we'll be back on topic with a dance-music question!

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