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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lulu Gets Her Independence On

One of Edina Monsoon's biggest clients on AbFab and probably still best known for To Sir with Love, both the song and the movie, Lulu recorded this hot club song in the '90s. I think you'll probably agree with me that it should have been a huge hit. (It was a demi-hit.) The now 64-year-old Lulu (dramatic single name like Rihanna or Cher) is still going strong. (Maybe Edina can get her a cabaret booking in New York! We adore her here.)

Ironically, Fourth of July in the US commemorates the declaration of independence from the kingdom of Britain. But our nations have remained best buds (remember that little old fall-out we had where we shot you and you shot us, and how silly it all seems right now?), and this song is not about our holiday anyway, yet it seems so appropriate! It's about a split and a declaration of independence. (There we have it!) Or should that be indepen-dance?

Happy July 4th!

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