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Friday, August 24, 2012

Billboard in Brief with a Beaverhausen Bias

Germany's Zedd (featuring one Matthew Koma) usurps the #1 Billboard dance/club chart spot with the trance-meets-heavy metal "Spectrum," and eternal disco boy Dj Buddy Beaverhausen, for one, is unimpressed. Rather I listen to a thousand Gotyes! But the song has beat Madonna out of the primo position.  Madge, who was on the fast track, just nudged to second place from last week's #3 spot, cooling her hefty bimbo jets till next week's expected big triumph via "Turn Up the Radio." We'll see. Might be just a bit delicious if the #1 spot has a surprise takeover.

Greatest Gainer this week is Scissor Sisters' trendalicious "Let's Have a Kiki," at #4 after a mere four weeks on the top 25 list. As I've said previously,  I love the Almighty remix best. It'll have you up & bouncing, party boys! And there's another song named "Spectrum" within the top 5, if you can believe! This one the hot Florence & the Machine tune. Number five this week, up from #8 when last we raked through the trending dance chart. By the way, might I say I miss Spectrum in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In the '90s, I'd travel here from Manhattan to see great live performances with the likes of Village People, France Joli and Hazell Dean, to name a few, and to dance on the famed Saturday Night Fever disco floor.

Ah, Adam! Yer Glamberts must be hitting the clubs these days as "Never Close Our Eyes" reaches #6, up just one place from last time, but carried beautifully on your strong vocals and a few good club mixes, my fave again being from those Almighty men of the UK.

And who's that girl under Adam, at #7 this time out? None other than the fabulous Ms Cyndi Lauper, up from 11 last outing. "Sex Is in the Heel" is a great club number, a new triumph for gay-fave Cyn, so put on your cha-cha heels and dance her hot mess around. A true club person's delight!

"Dark Side" slides to #8 from last week's top perch, while Jennifer Lopez' "Goin' In" is goin' out at the 10th spot. And Kylie's fantastic "Timebomb" is now fizzling out at #11. Rebecca Ferguson's "Nothing's Real But Love" is currently up five spots, which is good news, and Gossip's "Perfect World" still clinging on in the 25th spot.

Till the next time, you know how much I love me clubhoppers! Love, peace and disco 'round the world, y'all! Dance with love in your hearts for a world without hate. Work it out on the dancefloors, all my blog-watchers here at home in the USA, the U(specia)lK, cool cats in Brazil and Indonesia; Canada, Ukraine; France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Spain, I love you; all my friends in Russia and Slovenia, too!  Kisses to the Phillipines! Till the next time, with major thanks for reading my posts, love ~~ Dj Buddy Beaverhausen

I leave you with this video:

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