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Friday, August 3, 2012

Billboard's Diva Boom

What a week for diva favorites on Billboard's club/dance chart.  For instance, I'm thrilled Kylie's "Timebomb" went off in the #1 spot this week. My God, I thought it was headed there but I'm very happy it hit that target, which is where it absolutely deserves to be! Congratulations, Ms Minogue, America salutes you!

Cyndi Lauper has climbed three steps up in stilettos as "The Sex Is in the Heel," her new dance number, excites club-goers, especially her faithful gay fan base. It's currently #18 but who knows how high you can ascend in fuck-me pumps!

Male divas of the openly gay variety come closer to each other on Billboard's top 25, as "Only the Horses" by Scissor Sisters (featuring Jake Spears) backs up to the 11th spot, with Adam Lambert buoyed nicely by the remixes of "Never Close Our Eyes," now #14 with a four-point bounce from last wee's 18th spot.

Madonna is dogging Cyndi again as '80s divas collide once more. This week's "Greatest Gainer" (Billboard's term), the mediocre "Tun Up the Radio" by the Big M arrives in our top 25 at #19, a full twenty points up from last week's position.

"Perfect World" by Gossip is at #8. "Big Hoops," Nelly Furtado at #9. Katy Perry's still "Wide Awake" after dropping from 1st place to #5. JLo's "Going In" is #2, Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side" currently at #3.

Cher's new album announced for December release, including her duet with Gaga. Expect remixes of that to appear in advance of the street date for the album. Peace & love on the dance floor where the groove is in the heart, the sex is in the heel, and stay away from Chick-Fil-A! ~~ Dj Buddy B

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