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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On My Turntables Tonight: August 21, 2012

Often ~~ according to my aesthetics ~~ when it comes to dance music, the less pretentious, the more shallow and the triumph of style over substance and emotion over thought, the better.

For example, I'm a sucker for Kathy Griffin's "I'll Say It," remixes by Razor & Guido and Gustavo Scorpio among others, though I like Majik Boys' work on this best. Catchy, little sing-songy title tune from her Bravo talk show. Bravo! I think of Kathy as wild and edgy but this is surprisingly sweet.

Luvin' up the Almighty remixes of Scissor Sisters' kicky "Let's Have a Kiki," delivered NRG-style from the UK. "So so oui oui, no no kiki" is the bridge that goes on forever in this playful and joyful mix, and it makes me smile. And dance! "Lock the doors!" Absolute style over substance and wallowing in it.

"Celebrate," as remixed by Joel Dickinson, has me wanting to celebrate -- and dance -- the night away, even if it is only Tuesday. Song is from the current remake of Sparkle starring Jordan Sparks and the late Whitney Houston.  (Cine Beaverhausen film review to come very soon.)

Mariah Carey may be furious with American Idol for their announcement. earlier in the day, that Nicki Minaj has been signed as another judge on the same panel for the upcoming season. It could be a dramatic one for the celebrity judges alone, never mind the contestants. But Mariah is undeniably "Triumphant" and in true diva style (when is she not?) on her new club number of that name. I'm siding toward the Danny Verde mix on this one. Solid and exhilarating.

Wideboys' remix of "Winner," the new Pet Shop Boys song featured at the Olympics, begins with a drum machine groove John Philip Sousa would envy before it finally breaks into song. Neal Tennant's voice has become comfortably familiar and the tune, while on the catchy side, is just a mediocre toss-off for the dynamic duo with sub-par lyrics to boot. Sorry. Not one of PSB's best.

"We Got Pride," from Swishcraft featuring Diane Charlemagne, is a much less pretentious effort that truly delivers -- certainly to its target audience.  Anthemic disco, big diva vocals and the repetition of that Pride hook makes this one just pure fun, perfect for losing your inhibitions on the dancefloor. So, shake your booty to any of the mixes available:  Matt Consola & LFB; MG original; DJ Pornstar Club Mix. The melody and lyrics may seem a derivative amalgamation of songs you've heard before, but I think originality is not the goal here; it's production, strong vocals and the admittedly Pavlovian way it manipulates us to move our booties and put our hands up in the air. Woof woof!

Sometimes, less is more (substance). And, sometimes, more is more (style). And that's the way I see -- and feel -- it for dance music tonight. Till we meet again ~~ love, peace & disco! ~~ Dj Buddy Beaverhausen

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