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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poetry Corner 8/30/12

Two poems this time: the 15th poem in my Subway series and one totally unrelated to subway matters:

Subway Poem #15:
Linear Choreography

we're at the mad ball
in a whirl
moving fast
the man in blue blazer
walks up, confronts, looks at me
in a frozen second
then we step aside,
pass by, move on
to anonymous partner after partner
repeating the steps
we walk towards one another
then dart past
without missing a beat, a step,
never stopping
in linear choreography --
self absorption,
we tease that we are one 
then sunder
to the thunder of the train,
preparing to leave the platform dance


The Snow Queen

It was so warm inside,
stoked fireplace.
Outside, it snowed.
Through the bay window I could see my Mother
buried beneath blankets
near a wood pile.

She's cold, I told my Father,
We need to get her inside.
I'll carry her in.
I need you to hold open the door.

Your Brother isn't here to help, he said.
I'm too old and it's too cold at the door.

And so I sat at the window,
watched it snow,
re-imagining my plans.

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