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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bride of Frankenstorm

He came, saw & conquered my heart.
Yes, I am married to the storm; not merely living with it any more. I've come to embrace it, give up my resistance to it, love it, understand its rage, and all despite a tumultuous relationship lo these two days so far.

Luckily, despite uprooted trees fallen in the neighborhood, none have fallen on me as of yet. My apartment is on the top floor of this house and the tall tree out back has been rocking by its trunk in the extreme winds. Stormy gusts have shorn the trees of their colorful leaves, leaving them depilated for winter. Never mind Skyfall, I'm worried about Treefall!

The roof hasn't blown off yet, either, and that's another thing I'm grateful for. But, as the Weather Girls sing, "Rip off the roof and stay in bed!" It could be raining men for all I know from my hermit's perspective, after all!

Frankenstorm (I call him Sandy) has battered my windows with unrelenting force, rattling the air-conditioner in one of them for a second day now. To be frank about Frankenstorm, it's given me a cheap thrill I can't deny. Plus, with subway service suspended and my office closed for the time being, I'm feeling quite the hausfrau while Stormy is hard at work. (My office closing for extreme weather is so rare, it's almost surreal to me.)

I see, on tv, the damage wreaked, the violence. Fallen building facades, floodings, evacuations, power outages, sink holes. Like a Mafia wife ensconced in my Bay Ridge floor-through, I'm aware of the whackings but carry on in denial. I continue in relative leisure as the deli on the ground floor refuses to close. They're there for my convenience. Thank God, I don't have to brew my own coffee or make my own sandwiches during the Storm of the Century. I can only put up with so many emergency hardships. Anyhow, I'm a newlywed and this is my honeymoon.

Mayor Bloomberg says stay indoors. He also says you can't have 16-oz. Frankensodas at restaurants. (Are you purchasing, then, two smaller ones?)  He can advise but, much like Dr Victor Frankenstein, I love to walk through a storm and hold my head up high.

After all, I've become the Bride of Frankenstorm!

Continue to stay safe, everybody.

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