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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dj Buddy B's Holiday Tobogan Ride

With Thanksgiving but a week away, it's time for me to make like disco Santa and distribute my perennially popular "Merry Happy," in time for the holidays, to the coolest bars, lounges and shops in NYC. I put the cd-r on my boom box tonight to have a listen and, damn, if I didn't impress myself! This strictly dj-promo-only 2010 cd-r continuous mix isn't for sale. It includes dance remixes of Charo, Julie Andrews, The Supremes, Dolly Parton, The Carpenters and many more. I know it will rock the season for those exposed to it.

Friends who may be without it may request a free copy by messaging me:

I hope to pull a brand-new 2012 promo together over this weekend that will include Donna Summer, Andy Williams, Darlene Love, Bananarama, Al Green, Mae West and Joan Crawford! Give people something fresh for the holidays. Hope it souffles. Wish me the best with this endeavor. And, of course, I'll be working my blog's Christmas Countdown once more, after Thanksgiving.

I always say that, once you hit Halloween, you're on a wild tobogan ride down till you hit New Year's Day. Ok, here Dj Buddy Beaverhausen goes down that slippery slope, headed towards the holidays! In the meantime, happy shopping and partying, y'all!

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