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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Giving Thanks 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 is almost here, which has special significance for me because I moved to Bay Ridge the day after Thanksgiving last year.

My mother passed away on October 1, 2011 and I was devastated, struggling to keep sane because, at the same time, the Greenwich Village apartment I lived in for 18 years was being sold and my place would undergo such complete renovation, I'd temporarily be displaced and my life absolutely disrupted. My friend Kevin alerted me to an apartment that became available in his building in Bay Ridge. And so I moved, and it's basically been a very happy year, living through the seasons out here to this anniversary.

Next week, I expect the last vestiges of Halloween will be gone from the neighborhood and pumpkins will turn into magical lights to celebrate the holidays. Bay Ridge is famous for its Christmas displays as neighbors do it up big and tour buses come by night to delight passengers.

I hung a wreath on the door for Thanksgiving (above) to mark and honor this past year. I am living in a floor-through now, in a three-story building, my only neighbor is Kevin, downstairs, being one of my best friends who I've known for many years. On the ground floor is a deli, and the guys who run it are princes; they always have our backs. I love that. I'll have to get them a holiday gift this year; some small token of my appreciation.

We've gone through a lot over the year: sale of the house to a new landlord, for instance, though we remain optimistic about our continuing tenancies here. And, of course, the recent hurricane that still has interrupted service on the subways back and forth from Manhattan to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. But there were also so many good times during 2011/12: going down to Kevin's to watch tv (notably, Smash on wintery Tuesday nights; his coming up to chat, have some laughs, listen to music and share wine or cocktails at my living room's art deco-designed glass-and-black lacquered wood coffee table, sitting on the shags and throws; and having overnight, out-of-town guests; people that I've known for decades and whose company I adore. I very much enjoy where I'm living and I want it to continue.

So, there is so much to give thanks for this year; one year down the road. May there be many more years to come. And thanks, Mom, I know you're always there, watching over and guiding me.

I wish all my readers in the USA a Happy, safe Thanksgiving holiday and, to all my blog readers from Indonesia to Ukraine to Tunisia, I am deeply thankful for you all and wish you a season of love, peace and fulfillment. And hot dance tracks! ~~ Dj Buddy Beaverhausen

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