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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Aftermath NYC

Justin Vivian Bond Tweets: "I'm getting ready to go out and fake help clean up the hurricane. I'd like to document this. Could I have some volunteer photogs and props?" Hear that, Romney?

On an express bus from the upper east side in Manhattan to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, traveling down Broadway, I was shocked by the very long stretch of lack of electricity and the shuttered stores in an area usually so vibrant with shoppers. It is like a ghost town. I used to live in that neighborhood, for 18 years, and would be without power and, possibly, running water if I were still there. Three days after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, it's become obvious to me that the worst part of the hurricane is its wake; the aftermath, the cleaning up, the going on. Subway service is still not fully back; it might be weeks for that to happen. And did I mention the gas shortage? This is much worse than what we went through after last year's Hurricane Irene.

In Bay Ridge, I am counting my blessings for running water and power for me and throughout most of our community. For those across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, areas have been hit much harder. My colleague, Cathy, tells me horror stories of the flooding, even deaths, in Staten Island.

"Please don't forget about Staten Island. My family remains without power as temperatures drop," my doctor, Frank Spinelli, pleads to FEMA on Twitter. The situation is bad but New Yorkers are tough.

We will survive!

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