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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Bay Ridge Christmas with Buddy Beaverhausen & His Friends

Presents under the tree
This year, we're living large in Bay Ridge, at Kevin's Christmas dinner party and isn't it grand!

Last night, my friend came up to exchange gifts with me as we gnoshed on jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce, and drank strawberry wine. Shortly after going back downstairs to his apartment, Kevin -- in the midst of cooking the turkey for our Christmas Day feast -- discovered his recently repaired oven refused to shut off! Bread was burned! Drama! Firemen were summoned, the oven shut down, and all the oven cooking had to be done in my apartment today. My stove and refrigerator were also utilized as there was much cooking to be done.

Below is a photo of Kevin (right) and his friend, Jim, up in my kitchen, preparing food this afternoon. Kevin's Superman apron was one of my Christmas gifts to him last night. But he truly was a Superchef in the kitchens today. Jim, who hails from Colorado, made a fabulous brie with berries baked in pastry!

Friends arrived.

Friends Jo Ellen & C.J.

Lisa, C.J. & Janet (ex-Wanda of Wanda & the Way It Was)

The hors d'oeuvres were fantastic; the turkey, ham, mashed potato, green bean, cranberry, and every type of salad imaginable made for a very fabulous holiday feast; the desserts were divine. What really made the dinner party, though, was the combination of positive energies all around.

There was a tour of my apartment (the floor-through over Kevin's), and most guests followed Kevin on a tour of the famed Christmas lights on the homes of Bay Ridge. (I just saw these last week, so stayed at home.)

After desserts, once everyone was reunited, I received an unexpected but fantastic Christmas gift from from C.J.:  a great print of the Supremes at Lincoln Center poster and an 8" x 10" girl-group publicity shot!

What a great Christmas! In the end, a lot of work, especially for Kevin who says, maybe next year he'll go to a Broadway show. But it was great company, a great time was had by all, and now it's my time to slide into tomorrow and return from the magical to the mundane. But only for a while.

As for tonight, Merry Christmas to all!  ~~ Dj Buddy Beaverhausen

Hark! I hear reindeer on the rooftop!

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