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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Very Bay Ridge Christmastime

Tracey & Merv by my kitschy Kristmas tree
My friends, Tracey and Merv, joined me today for our Christmas get-together, and the season was wrung in with great cheer. Then, downstairs friend and neighbor, Kevin, joined the party, returning from his Bistro Awards committee meeting.  Great friends, great food, fabulous gifting -- like the chic pair of chairs Tray and Merv brought over and assembled for me (see directly below). They complement my glass, three-tiered art-deco coffee table beautifully. And they're so comfortable! They actually give, or rock, a little bit and are perfectly contoured for any pair of buns to nestle into. I also received a set of wine glasses and two bottles of strawberry wine from Jones Winery in Connecticut.

New chair
White-wine-flavored salami, salmon, cheeses, crackers and jumbo shrimp were on the menu, along with an assortment of drinks. The shrimp were huge, meaty and came cooked, un-shelled and de-veined from Bay Ridge's Frank & Eddie's, complete with their own cocktail sauce. The living room was artificially scented with a pine spray to match my artificial tree and spread the holiday spirit via Odorama. My Soul Christmas cd played, as did my Merry Happy dj-promo-only dance mix, a popular downtown Manhattan bar-and-retail-store player since 2010.

At dark, designated driver, Merv, transported us all through the neighborhood, with Kevin navigating. Again, the burg is aglow with awe-inspiring lights on houses and landscaping that I first experienced last year, but on foot. Car is better.

Below are some pics from our adventure in sight-seeing:

Tracey in front of a Bay Ridge Christmas-crazy home
Dj Buddy B & a glowing Santa Claus
Tracey & I at the house of blue lights
Kevin & I washed out by the lights of this house

Kevin & Tracey in front of another beautiful display
We came back, from our tour, to gingerbread men, cookies and egg nog spiked with just a little Southern Comfort, chatting and once again eating, this time at Kevin's new dining room table. And I loved being with my besties, supportive, schmoozing and laughing, happy.

I moved to Bay Ridge last year, on the day after Thanksgiving, so I was in no way prepared to do a whole Christmas thing. Plus, my mother had just passed away that October, so I just wasn't in the mood.

This year is different. This year is relaxed and happy. Christmas is a time of joy and love. I experienced that with my friends tonight. Bless us all and Merry Christmas! Tonight, I'll count my blessings instead of sheep.



  2. Yes! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, Merv, your Mom & your families~~ with Love, Buddy

  3. What a great afternoon/evening it was!