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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Short List

We live in a sizeist society, hence the biased term "Napoleon Complex." I think, speaking for the vertically challenged male (which nobody asked me to do, by the way), short, ambitious men are given negative attributes in our society just the way women, or gay men, generally, are. The world belongs to the white, straight, male and the tall. To prove that point, it seems Celebuzz found it necessary to let us know who the 12 shortest male celebs are. I can proudly say I am taller than four of them.

I can look down on Danny DeVito and Prince, and I am 1/2-inch taller than Scott Caan and Daniel Radcliffe. The other eight shrimps, in ascending inch-by-inch order, include Jack Black, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise, Darren Criss, Joaquin Phoenix and Jason Stratham.

And, so, the vertically challenged are outed, though I don't think it's largely (or shortly) any big (or small) surprise. I'm in good company. And pocket gays are people, too! Up with short men!

Below, tall talent Randy Newman gets down on short people in the video of his '80s hit:

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