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Monday, January 28, 2013

Disco Inferno

"There was no fire alarm. There were no sprinklers or fire escapes. And when a band member tried to put out a fire that had been started by pyrotechnics, the extinguisher didn't work," said Huffington Post on the tragic discotheque fire in Santa Maria, Brazil. Oh, Santa Maria!

"All the elements were in place for the tragedy at the Kiss nightclub early Sunday. The result was the world's worst fire of its kind in more than a decade, with 231 people dead and this southern Brazilian college town in shock and mourning," the report continued. "Funerals began on Monday, as reports continued to emerge about the accumulation of neglect and errors at the packed night spot."

I feel very sad about this incident which made headlines worldwide. The victims were so young. This should have never happened. The club was obviously negligent. I think of the disco as a place of safety, of joy, love, peace, happiness and great music, to make us dance and celebrate. This is truly a horrible event for the international community!

I salute Santa Maria, Brazil with this Stock Aitkin hit from '96. Stay strong!

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