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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dj Buddy B's Disco Desert

Good morning, Vietnam and thanks for reading Leave It to Beaverhausen! New hits from that country and a record number of hits from Taiwan as well. I am humbled.

Kristine W's new remixes are just the shot in the arm that clubs need this season. I was listening to her New and Number One Club Mixes album (cd promo) and every track is a winner. S-Groover's S-Groove Club Mix, for example, lifts her classic "Love Come Home" to a more exciting, upbeat, higher energy place, as does Howard D's remix of "Don't Wanna Think." "Room at the Top," a new one on me, is sublimely mixed by the always winning Bimbo Jones as is their mix, along with Lee Dagger, of Kristine's klassic, "Feel What You Want."

This collection of 17 tracks is highly recommended, available for download from Amazon and iTunes, and at the dance diva's site:

The release is an oasis in a disco desert, however, as I otherwise give a listen to one mediocrity after another. No surprise the Rolling Stones' "Doom and Gloom" (upbeat title, no?) has barely made a blip on club charts. The promo remix by Benny Benassi tries to pound the number across and it just doesn't work,  sounding a tad desperate. Wawa remixes are generally reliable, but they don't do much with Adam Lambert's "Trespassing," either. The singer has had successful remix work on other songs off his lastest album, but this just doesn't work for me, even with Cazwell and Amanda Lepore thrown into the soup.

The latest song from Pet Shop Boys' current album to get remixed -- "Memory of the Future" -- also falls a bit short of generating full enthusiasm from this boy. Best, in my opinion, is the trance-like Digital Dog remix.

Finally, model, actress, singer,dancer and television personality, Carmen Electra, is less than electrifying on "I Like It Loud." On the promo mixes I listened to, the best of the bunch was Bill Hamel's smooth hiNRG remix. Hector Fonseca, this time out, delivers a mix that sounds robotic and pandering.

Or am I just in a bad mood? Hope springs eternal and I pray for a better spring crop. Meanwhile, enjoy this video:

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