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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Main Event: Bob Esty Month Extended

Our Bob Esty poll has one day to go before all votes are in and polling ends. So, get your votes in now if you haven't already! However, "MacArthur Park" is NOT a valid candidate. DO NOT waste your vote by clicking for that song. It's my egregious error (mia culpas) as that is NOT a Bob Esty-produced song.  Bob told me, "Everyone also thinks I produced 'Enough Is Enough' [Streisand/Summer -- two of the divine disco divas Bob is associated with]. I say, 'Enough already!'" Suffice to say that votes for "MP" will NOT be tallied. (Enough already!)

EXTRA EXTRA: Bob Esty Month at Leave It to Beaverhausen will be extended until Bob's birthday in April! This main event brings us to the Barbra Streisand number Bob Esty did do: the hugely popular and classic disco anthem, "The Main Event"! Theme song to the movie of that name, on the Columbia label. This song was so omnipresent in 1979, on the radio and in the clubs, and Barbra's hair sparked a trend for perms in that style amongst young women. My sister-in-law's sister, Karen, got the 'do and actually started talking like Streisand!

Anyhoo, here it is: "The Main Event," as Bob Esty Month continues!

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