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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bob Esty's Love Story with Andy Williams

Now it can be told! Andy Williams goes disco -- with Bob Esty in control as our celebration of the producer, songwriter, arranger superstar, Mr Esty, continues at Leave It to Beaverhausen.

This disco re-interpretation of "How Do I Begin?," the theme song from the 1970 movie, Love Story (in which Ali McGarw dies after being a zombie), is just plain awesome. The late, beloved Andy Williams sings at the peak of his range with great dramatic delivery against Bob's sweeping, lush, majestic orchestration to an overwhelming dancefloor intensity! The excitement level on my Discometer went all the way up to ten, then the needle snapped off and spun through the air!

So, enjoy this great production. You're over the Wednesday work-week hump, so it's time for you to party!

And thanks to the ever-fabulous remixer/ dj Glenn Rivera for the outstanding video mix of "Love Story" posted below!

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