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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bob Esty!

Mod Mr Esty
Cheers! As our salute to Bob Esty concludes, we wish the awesome and influential producer/ songwriter/ arranger a very happy birthday today -- and hope he has many more!

Bob Esty originally made his mark with disco classics on the Casablanca label in the '70s, including such time-honored productions such as Donna Summers' "Last Dance," Cher's "Take Me Home," and Barbra Streisand's "The Main Event." (Incidentally, Bob told me, "People think I did 'Enough is Enough' too!! I say, 'Enough, already'!!!")

Bob's private "guide vocals" for his artists are truly outstanding works of art in and of themselves, showcasing his singing and chameleon-like ability to mimic each singer, giving a sense of what the finished product might sound like. Cher commented on how uncanny Bob's guide vocals can be. Carol Channing said Bob Esty basically did her job and she needn't actually record the disco version of "Is That All There Is?" (It was recorded but, unfortunately, unreleased, though Bob's uncanny guide might give you an idea of what it would have sounded like.)

Here, at the following link, you can hear the ever-amazing Dj Jandry remix of Streisand's King and I medley from her Broadway Album with Bob's guide vocals:

So, Happy Birthday, Bob Esty! Lots of love and thanks for the music that has enriched our lives all this time.

It's a brand new year for you! Enjoy. I end with this beautiully done Bob Esty guide vocal, below, for "Brand New Day":

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