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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Party On, Earth People!

Party, everybody, all around the planet Earth! The weekend is upon us and it's time to bust a move. Thanks to everyone checking out my blog. There will be more reviews, more interviews and more posts about the latest in dance music, classic disco, cabaret, Broadway and observations of the social scene coming your way soon.

Meanwhile, a shout-out to my readers. Over the past month, prominent views from Taiwan, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, Guatemala, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus, Algiers, Ireland, Belgium and Australia. And my biggest hits from my perennial crew from the USA, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Russia and France! Love out to you, and thanks for your views and your support!

It's one world and we're all in it together. Let's dance to celebrate diversity, equality, human rights, peace, love and happiness!

I leave you with the new number by Sweden's Army of Lovers:

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